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It would be packed with explosives and rammed into the dock gates. 12 To assist in transporting the Commandos, 12 motor launches (ML) were assigned from the 20th and 28th Motor Launch flotillas. Zetterling, Niklas; Tamelander, Michael (2009). 2 Motor Launches were normally armed with an Ordnance QF 3 pounder Vickers gun forward, twin Lewis guns aft, and 12 depth charges. Some starboard boats managed to reach their objective and disembark their Commandos.

Serencontrer com saint nazaire -

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: Serencontrer com saint nazaire

Retrieved t George Saunders,. Harrison, Gordon A (1951). 10 a b Ford,. 31 On the night of the raid there were also four harbour defence boats and ten ships from the 16th and 42nd Minesweeper flotillas berthed in the basin, while two tankers were berthed inside the Normandie dock. The Naval Intelligence Division compiled information from a variety of sources. When their ammunition was expended, they surrendered. The certain loss of one or both destroyers to eliminate the dry dock was out of the question. Que faire cette semaine? Still under heavy fire, the MGB turned into the estuary as Campbeltown cleared the end of the Old Mole, cut through anti-torpedo netting strung across the entrance and rammed the dock gates, striking home at 01:34, three minutes later than scheduled. German gunfire sank, set ablaze or immobilised virtually all serencontrer com saint nazaire the small craft intended to transport the commandos back to England. 48 The fallen British raiders were buried at the La Baule-Escoublac cemetery, 13 km (8.1 mi) west of St Nazaire, with military honours. Newman organised a defence that succeeded in keeping the increasing numbers of German reinforcements at bay until the demolition parties had completed their tasks. It was decided that the explosive charge would be timed to detonate after the raiders had left the harbour. Sevenoaks: New English Library. Nazaire: the Gripping Story of the Dock-Busting Raid, March, 1942. At 00:00 on 28 March, he issued a warning that there might be a parachute landing in progress. 71 The St Nazaire raid had been a success, but at a costof the 622 men of the Royal Navy and Commandos who took part in the raid, only 228 men returned to England. Le Sammy a pris place au Bois Joalland. In the London Gazette account of the raid the Admiralty states there were 353 Royal Navy and 268 Commandos. See More, october. The Royal Navy would therefore provide the largest contingent for the raid, under the overall command of the senior naval officer, Commander Robert Ryder. 44 That team succeeded in planting charges on two tugboats moored in the basin. 6 They decided the only port able to accommodate her was St Nazaire, especially if, like Bismarck, she was damaged en route and needed repairs. The assault teams would clear the way for the other two. serencontrer com saint nazaire

Serencontrer com saint nazaire

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